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Choreography and Director

Prof. Aleksandar Ilić is the first soloist of the ballet of the National Theater in Belgrade, choreographer, poet, and professor at the Belgrade Dance Institute. He was educated at Music School Isidor Bajić, Dobrila Novkov’s Ballet School La Sylphide and Ballet School Lujo Davičo. Aleksandar holds a Bachelor in Communications and MA in choreography (scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia). His notable ballet Performances include Viva la vida!; Lisbon Story; Holiday of Love; Ballad of the Vagabond Moon and Butler’s Broom; Alice in Wonderland. His notable dance performances, installations and performances include Mila Foundation and Pets; Behind the Mirror; My Phobia - Pteronophobia; Dance Theater Ladies; Sava Sumanovic's Dance - Beračice; Reminiscence; Four Poems for Tađa; After the Sonata; Scandal in the Valley of Saint Florian. His performances for children include Magical Beans; A Legend About You). His experience in opera include Melancholic Dreams of the Count Sava Vladisavic; The Magic Flute; Don Giovanni; Maid Mistress; White Rose; Viva la Mamma. He is the author of books of poems Holiday of Hearts(1999-2010) and At the Presence of Whisper (2013). He is one of founders and president of Association of Professional Ballet Dancers, Choreographers and Ballet Teachers of Serbia and the founder of the Terpsihora Award. He is Editor-in-Chief of Stepart, a magazine for artistic dance. Awards received include National Theater, City of Belgrade, Dimitrije Parlic Prize, Golden Badge of the Cultural Education Community of Serbia and Life Award Filip Višnjić.

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Aleksandar Ilić: 團隊成員
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